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Broadband Availability Request Form

Use this form to check availability of Broadband internet access services where you live. No obligation is created by making this request.

Before Starting the Form ...

This form asks for a lot of info some of which you might think is odd to check on internet service. It all has a purpose, however. We will be checking on several types of service and they each have different info requirements. The reasons we're collecting each type of info will be written in >small gray text like this.<


This form uses secure SSL encryption to prevent intercept over the net. The info you supply will be used only to determine availability of service at your address by making discreet inquiries at Japan's leading providers, who also have data protection systems in place.

All info provided here will be protected as required by the Japan Personal Data Protection Law. It will not be used to spam you or harass you with marketing calls, etc.

Required = Required fields

1. Name (optional):

Please enter in ALL CAPS
Family name (Example: "SMITH")

Personal names (Example: "JOHN PAUL"):

2. Address

(Address info is necessary to determine which services are installed in or available to your house or building.)

A. Building or house

If you live in an apartment, we need the name of the apartment building to see if it already has "Mansion-type" Hikari (fiber optic) service installed. If you don't know the name, enter "Don't know" and we'll try to find the name for you.

Enter building name in roman letters (English) and, if you can, also Japanese.

B. Room number

Enter apartment or room number, e.g., "308."

C. House or building number, town, etc.

Required Enter the rest of address including prefecture.
3-897 Ebie, Ohama-cho, Aza-Taniguchi, Inaka-gun, Ehime-ken
2-4-3 Nakanaka-cho, Chuo-ku, Otoshi-shi, Shizuoka-ken

(The exact address is needed because services can vary from building to building even on the same street.)

(No kanji or kana, please.) Enter commas, but no line Returns. Just type without using the return key.

D. Postal code

Enter the 7-digit Postal Code. Example:
  〒123  -  4567
If you don't know the code, leave blank.

3. Current Telephone Service

If you do not have working landline telephone service at the above address, click "No."

No, I do not have working landline phone service.
If you do have working landline telephone service at the above address, click "Yes."

Yes, there is working landline telephone service at that address--there is a dial tone and it's possible to call out.

If yes, we would like that phone number as it will make it easier to determine your distance from the server so we can estimate ADSL speed We also may be able to determine whether internet service is already connected to that number.

If you would rather not give the number, that's okay--we'll manage--but the estimated speed may be less accurate.

If you don't want to give your full landline number, replace the final four digits with X's like this:

   "03   -   1234   -   XXXX" (First part of your phone number + XXXX.)
Home landline number:
- - (No mobile/cell numbers here, please. Those go below.)

(The only reason we would call you, by the way, would be if we had a question about your address or something and we definitely won't be giving your number to a telemarketing firm!)

4. Telephone Contact Info:

(This is optional but can be useful if we have questions about your address or situation, etc. Again, we won't be calling you except to get info to help with the report.)
Enter a mobile number:
- -

If you did not enter a home phone number in No. 3 above and also do not have a mobile phone, then you may enter an other landline or 050 phone number (work, friend, etc.) here:
- -

Phone Comment Box
Enter any telephone related comments here:

5. Email Contact Info:

Note: we hate spam, too, and in accordance with the Japan Privacy Law we're not going to add your email addresses to any spam database or otherwise sell it or use it to send you junk email.

(This info is needed to provide the report you're requesting.)
Required: Enter an email address:
We will send the Availability Report to you at this address.

Enter email address:

6. Email Checking

How often are you able to check your "No. 1" email address above?

(This info helps us know if you'll need special handling to be sure you get the report.)
About 2 or 3 times a week
About once a week
Weekends only
It's difficult to check email. Please notify me by telephone.

7. About your residence:

Please answer these questions and then enter the address of the location where you desire to have service installed.

RequiredA. Which of the following best describes your residence?

(This affects the types of services available and, later, the connection steps.)
Single-family House
College or University Dormitory
Long term resident hotel
Group Home (i.e., so-called "gaijin house")
Room or apartment attached to or in a house (e.g., attached "Mother-in-Law" apartment in a house)
Condominium (each apartment in the building each has a different owner--also called "strata title," "common hold," or "community title scheme").
Apartment Building ( often called "mansion," "coop," or "heights" etc.)
Townhouse or row house (typically called "apato," "bunka," etc.)
Other--Please describe:

Required B. Please check any and all of the following that are true (more than one is OK):

(This info will help us advise in special cases.)

Regarding the building at the above address ...
The building is new--You are the first person to ever live in this apartment or house.
The building is in a "danchi." That is, it is one of 2 or 10 or 50 buildings in a group that are all owned and managed by one management office. This photo shows a typical danchi:If run by a government agency, it might be called a "kodan."

NOTE: Each building in a danchi usually has a large number somewhere on the building. (See photo.)
Typical Danchi<

The residence is housing for government workers (e.g., teacher or Jet Programme arranged residence)
The residence is on a military base.

Regarding Hikari (fiber optic or FO) service at the above address ...
You have been informed that Hikari service is available in the neighborhood and permission will be granted to bring it into the room.
You are informed that "Mansion-type" Hikari (FO) is already installed in the building.
You have heard that Hikari (FO) service is available but have no idea which type.

Enter any comment on what you know or heard about internet service in the building:

8. Other questions:

A. Why are you requesting this check? Choose one.

(Knowing this info will help us apply the report to your situation.)
Moving to the above address soon.
Arriving in Japan soon; above address is already decided.
Thinking about moving to the above address.
Just moved to the above address.
Living at above address--don't have internet service now but want to know what is available.
Unhappy with current service. Which type service do you have now:
     Enter one (only) or the following: ADSL; Hikari (fiber optic); Mobile wireless; Dial-up; ISDN or Don't know.
     Name of providers. (There are usually two. For example, "NTT and Plala," "Softbank and Yahoo! BB" or Flet's and Yahoo! BB, etc.):

B. If you moved to this address during the last 3 months or you will move soon, enter the date you moved or plan to move:

(Providers sometimes offer discounts for recent movers. Knowing this will help us advise you and make sure you get the discount.)

(Approximate day is OK.)

C. How long do you expect to use internet service in Japan?

(Some providers have contract periods, etc. This info will help us advise you on the best service for your situation.)
Less than 1 full year. Enter number of months (for example, "6 months"):
At least 1 full year
At least 14 months
At least 18 months
Less than 2 full years
More than 2 full years
Long term (3 years or more)

D. What country do you most often telephone? (Optional)

(We will use this info to advise you about telephone services.)

9. Info for

How did you learn of application service?

(This info lets us know if money spent on advertising is worth it or not.)
Choose one:
Google Search
Yahoo Search
Bing Search
Tokyo Notice Board
Kansai Flea Market
Word of mouth (friend, etc.)
Other--please specify web site or Facebook page. (This helps us assure they have the latest info.):

10. Additional Info/Comments (if any):

Information Sharing

  • Zazm, Inc./BBapply will use the information provided here for making inquiries with providers through their authorized agents and/or sub-contractors.
  • The providers and their agents and sub-contractors will receive and use the information provided here to determine available services.
  • Shared information will not include names or email addresses.

Please accept the above terms by clicking the box just below. Then click "Go to the next step."

Required I authorize the sharing of information provided here (except my name and email address) for the purpose of processing this service request.

Terms accepted: (Required)

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