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Japan BroadBand FAQ

Notice: This FAQ is not an official FAQ for NTT, Yahoo! BB or any other service that may be mentioned here. For official FAQ answers, please visit the web sites of the respective companies.

Also, this FAQ is intended to support users of internet services in Japan. Info here might apply elsewhere but it also might not apply. Please keep this in mind while reading the FAQ.

General Questions

System Requirements and Availability

Q. How can I check to see if broadband access is available where I live?

Q. ADSL requires an analog line. How can I tell if my phone line is analog or ISDN?

Q. What are the minimum hardware and software requirements to use broadband?

Q. My computer doesn't have a LAN port and it's not running in Japanese. Will Japanese parts work? How can I upgrade it to use broadband?

Choosing and Applying for Service

Q. How can I check my distance from the server?

Q. Is it true I don't need a credit card to use Yahoo! BB or NTT Flet's with OCN?

Q. I'm confused by all the choices. Which service should I apply for?

Q. To get broadband on an NTT line, I need the phone line's meigi-nin. What is that, why do I need it, and how do I get it?

Q. I have ADSL service now. How can I change to a different ADSL company?

Q. I want to get NTT landline telephone connected. Can I do that in English? Do I have to buy a phoneline?

Q. I'm going to call NTT to order landline telephone service. I plan to use the line for ADSL internet service. What kind of phone service should I ask for?

Other Questions

Q. How do I check the speed of my internet connection?

Q. What do customers and other web sites have to say about BBapply?

Q. Why isn't the web site more, uh, fancy?

Q. How do I cancel my internet service?

Q. How do I move my internet service?

Q. How do I shut off my NTT land line telephone service?

Q. How can I contact NTT?

Q. How can I contact OCN?

Q. How do I contact support for my Flet's internet service?

Q. Why is using an ISP-provided Email address A Bad Idea?

Q. I have an internet connection now and want to add a router. How do I do that?

Q. Hotmail (or Windows Live) is blocking email from BBapply. How do I fix that?

Yahoo! BB FAQ


Applying for Service

Q. Which speed should I order?

Getting Connected and Using Yahoo! BB

Q. I've just applied for Yahoo! BB ADSL. Now what happens?

Q. How do I configure my computer to use Yahoo! BB (Mac OS X or Windows XP)?

Q. How do I configure a computer with an older Operating System (Mac OS 9 or earlier; Windows 95/98/Me/2000, etc.)?

Q. How do I configure my Yahoo! BB email account?

Q. How much does it cost to call mobile phones using Yahoo! BB's IP phone service, BBPhone?

Q. My Yahoo! BB internet connection doesn't work. What should I do?

Yahoo! BB Account Matters

Q. How do I register my Yahoo! BB account?

Q. How do I pay for Yahoo! BB?

Q. Can I contact Yahoo! BB in English or other foreign languages?

Q. How do I move Yahoo! BB to my new address?

Q. Can I put my Yahoo! BB service on hold while I'm away on vacation?

Q. How can I cancel Yahoo! BB?


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This FAQ is presented by BBapply as a part of its service to expat foreigners and their family who are resident in Japan in the hope it will help make living, working or studying, and raising a family in Japan a bit easier.

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