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Important Announcement about BBapply Service

Between 1997 and 2017 I arranged tens of thousands of internet connections for foreigners residing in Japan. I was paid for providing this service by the internet providers who wished to gain market share.

First, The Bad News...

In 2016, the internet service providers came to the conclusion that the battle for market share was over and, therefore, decided that they no longer needed to pay substantial commissions to agents who sent them customers. They reduced the commissions they pay by 90%.

I persisted for a year trying to continue the service but my expenses exceeded revenue making it impossible for me to continue.

I gave some consideration to changing my business model and charging applicants directly for my service and I believe that might be successful but I am now over 70 years old and, frankly, I don't have the energy to do the work necessary to make that happen. So, instead, with regret, I have decided to retire.

The Good News...

BBapply is no longer the only place to get connected using English. Just click on the "Provider with English" link below for information.

With best wishes to all, I bid you a fond Sayonara.

Jimmie Jenkins

Provider with English