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ADSL and Hikari Services

Yahoo! BB offers both ADSL and Hikari (fiber optic) services.


  • DSL-type broadband offered in four speeds
  • May be used with or without NTT phone service
  • Includes BBPhone (IP phone) Service
  • Japan's No. 1 ADSL Service Provider
  • New User benefits:
    • All New Applicants: Up to 1 Full month FREE or ¥1,050 OFF x 6 months!
    • Moved Recently: Discount of ¥1,050/month x 10 months! if you have moved your residence during the previous two months (including from outside Japan)!
    • Benefits may be combined so, for example, you can get the New User benefit of ¥1,050 discount for 6 months PLUS 10 months more for being a recent mover.
    • Campaign and discount available to first time applicants.


  • Yahoo! BB may be selected as your ISP with Flet's Hikari (fiber optic) internet service
  • Available with both Home and Mansion type Flet's Hikari service

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