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NTT Telephone Service Rates

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Here is info about NTT's landline telephone Services (POTS*) in Japan.

Basic Telephone Fees

The monthly cost of NTT landline service depends on:

  1. Whether or not you own an NTT Telephone Subscription Right ("own a line")
  2. The population of your local telephone exchange area (Class 1, 2 or 3 area)
  3. The type of service (residential or business)
  4. The type of 'dialing'–TouchTone or pulse (rotary)

Definition of terms:

Regular: Refers to service where the user owns a Telephone Subscription Right (i.e., an 'owned' line.
Lite: Refers to phone service on "Rental" lines (i.e., the user does not 'own' the line).
Tone: Refers to lines that have Touch-Tone dialing. Provides faster call connection and works with menus, etc.
Pulse: Traditional "dial" type phone system. ¥50/month less in Class 1 and 2 areas.

BBapply will inform you of the cost of telephone service in your area when you request an Availability Check.

Class 1 (Small population areas)

¥1,522.5 Regular Pulse
¥1,680 Regular Touch-Tone
¥1,785 Lite Pulse
¥1,942.5 Lite Touch-Tone

Class 2 (Medium population areas)

¥1,627.5 Regular Pulse
¥1,680 Regular Touch-Tone
¥1,890 Lite Pulse
¥1,942.5 Lite Touch-Tone

Class 3 (Large population areas)

¥1,785 Regular Pulse
¥1,785 Regular Touch-Tone
¥2,047.5 Lite Pulse
¥2,047.5 Lite Touch-Tone

Note: Some remote rural areas have other (lower) rates.

Connection Charges

The basic one-time connection charge is ¥2,940 (¥2,100 for the hook-up plus ¥840 contract fee, taxes included) but can go as high as about ¥11,000, if extra work such as pulling wires from the telephone pole is necessary. (The installers will tell you if extra charges are involved before doing the work.) Billing for the connection is made on the first monthly statement.

Cash Deposit

A cash deposit is not required. Instead, NTT requires an employment contact number (landline only). If you are not employed, you may provide another number (friend, school counselor, etc.).

Normally, NTT will not contact the employer. Contact will be made to your mobile or other contact number you provide.

Other Requirements

  • Must be at least 20 years old
  • Must have at least four months remaining on a non-tourist visa. NTT may in some cases waive this requirement if you agree to automatic payment by credit card.
  • Must submit approved ID Documentation.

Optional Services

  • Call-waiting
  • Call-forwarding
  • Number Display
  • Name Display
  • Call Conferencing
  • Etc.

Official NTT Information

This and other BBapply pages provide a Good Faith representation of NTT and other services. However, the services and their prices are complicated and change from time to time (without notice to us) and hence the info on this site cannot be guaranteed to be accurate at all times. For complete official info and price details, you must consult the NTT Official (Japanese language) web sites.

*POTS = Technical abbreviation for "Plain Old Telephone Service"

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