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Hikari Telephone Services

A number of optional telephone services are available to Flet's Hikari Subscribers. You may choose any, all, or none of these services:

  1. Hikari Denwa: Digital telephone service provided by NTT West and NTT East.
  2. IP phone: IP Phone service provided by the ISP service you choose.
  3. POTS: ("Plain Old Telephone Service)

Hikari Services

If you already have a regular "POTS" phone line, you can have it converted to Hikari Denwa and keep your current phone number. Note that, with or without any of the above telephone services, you can still make and receive calls using Skype and other similar IP telephony services.Hikari Denwa The following Hikari Denwa Services are available:

  • Regular Hikari Denwa: ¥525 per month. Includes a regular NTT landline phone number. If you have NTT telephone service now, you may convert that service to Hikari Denwa and keep the number you have now.
  • Hikari Denwa "Ace" ¥1,575/month. The above Regular Hikari Denwa service with the following services added:
    1. Number Display (displays number of incoming caller)
    2. Number Request (recording to ask callers to redial with their number displayed)
    3. Email Advisory (email to mobile when calls are received at home.
    4. Catch phone (put current call on hold to answer a 2nd call)
    5. Voice warp (call forwarding)
    6. Call blocking (blocking of calls from certain numbers)

Advisory: Certain types of fax machines will not function properly on Hikari Denwa lines. These are not common machines but are used by some large businesses. If fax functionality is critical to your situation (e.g., business), then a regular analog (POTS) phone line is recommended.

Connection charges for Hikari Denwa

New connections

If you do not have NTT telephone service now and request Hikari Denwa with your new Flet's Hikari connection, you will have the following connection charges:

East Japan: No charge
West Japan: ¥1050

Conversion to Hikari Denwa

If you do have NTT telephone service now and request conversion to Hikari Denwa with your new Flet's Hikari service, the connection charge for the telephone service will depend on whether you own an NTT Telephone Subscription Right (commonly called "owning a phone line") or the service is Lite Plan (commonly called "renting a line") you will have the following connection charges:

East Japan

  • Have Right: ¥3,150
  • Lite Plan: ¥2,100

West Japan

  • Have Right: ¥4,200
  • Lite Plan: ¥3,150

Hikari Denwa Conversion Notes:

  1. You keep your current NTT phone number when converting to Hikari Denwa.
  2. If your telephone is "owned" but you are not the owner (e.g., it's provided by your employer) then conversion must be approved by the owner.


Service Rates for NTT "Plain Old Telephone Service" range from ¥1,522.5 to ¥2,048 per month for residential landline service, depending on the type of line and population of the local calling area. Includes a regular NTT landline phone number.

Connection Charges for POTS

The usual connection fee for NTT analog (POTS) service is ¥2,940 (includes tax and the ¥840 NTT contracting fee). The cost can go, however, as high as ¥11,000 if additional work is required or requested (e.g., pulling wires from the street or moving phone jack location).

Apply for Flet's Hikari

To apply for Flet's Hikari, the first step is to request an Availability Check to determine which Hikari service is available at your location and how much it costs, etc.

Official NTT Information

This and other BBapply pages provide a Good Faith representation of NTT and other services. However, the services and their prices are complicated and change from time to time (without notice to us) and hence the info on this site cannot be guaranteed to be accurate at all times. For complete official info and price details, you must consult the NTT Official (Japanese language) web sites.


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