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Welcome JETs

We hope you will enjoy your time in Japan. BBapply has helping JETs get connected for years and we look forward to helping you find the best internet service, too.

Which is the best internet service?

Well, it depends. Some users are interested in getting the fastest connection. Others want an economical connection. Usually, you have to choose one or the other but sometimes the fastest connection is also the most economical.

One thing that makes it really hard to find the best service is the problem of finding out which services you can even get. It varies widely even in one neighborhood!

Because BBapply is the only agent for both of Japan's two most popular providers, we're able to let you know which is the best deal for you and we don't care which one you finally choose.

Other agents you will come across work with only one provider so their advice is based on what's best for them (not you).

We help you decide by letting you know how much it will really cost with all the connection fees and discounts considered. On other sites, the costs–which, frankly, are complicated–are very difficult to understand. BBapply cuts through all the complication and gives you the bottom line cost that will apply.

Quick & Easy Connection FAQ

Q: How can I get the fastest connection at the lowest cost? Oh, and I'd like the service that can get me hooked up the soonest.

A: There are a number of options for most users and one of them might even meet the above rather optimistic criteria. Or, a trade-off might be necessary. There is no single answer.

Q: There’s no single best deal? Should I ask friends or neighbors what’s best in my area?

A: No, that’s not a good idea. It’s important to understand that even the building next door may have very different options and different prices than yours.

Also, things change. Low-cost fiber optic is being installed in more buildings every day. The best deal last year might be 2nd-best this year. For those reasons, advice of friends or work associates will be of very limited value.

Also, keep in mind that if you go directly to a provider, they will only tell you about their deal which, of course, they will tell you is the best deal.

Q: So, how do I find out what is really the best deal now for me in my location?

A: Request an Availability Check at We will send you a detailed report listing your options for connection, how much the different services really cost (after one-time fees are added and new customer benefits deducted) and how long each takes to get connected, etc.

The report will also have direct links to English application forms so you can apply immediately after making your choice. Or, if you have questions, you can ask us before deciding or after placing your order with us.

Q: I don’t speak Japanese. Is that going to be a problem?

A: This is Japan and while there is English support in general and in varying degrees, depending on the company, there is no provider that has perfect seam-to-seam English support.

At BBapply, we fill in the gaps with English support as needed during the processing of your application and connection. Also, if you join through BBapply, you will receive a very lengthy guide in English that explains the complete process with English support phone numbers, etc. Moreover, we are glad to answer questions during the processing.

Q: Can I just take over my predecessor’s connection?

A: That might save you some inconvenience, but it also might cost you as much as ¥20,000 in missed “new customer” discounts. Or, you might miss out on a newly available and faster internet connection at a lower cost.

There are also issues such as splitting the bill (this month’s service is billed next month, etc.) and liability for unpaid bills (it happens!).

Q: Any other tips for getting connected to the best deal with the least hassle?

A: Yes. Don’t apply directly to an ISP and don’t fill out an application that’s in Japanese even if it has accompanying English instructions.

Doing that will put you into the “Japanese support” stream and that’s not a good place to be. The thing to do is to fill out an "Availability Check" request right here ...

Availability Check

The first step in applying for internet service is to get a detailed report on the services available at your location:

Request an Availability Report

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