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When the Connection Fails

Q. My Yahoo! BB internet connection doesn't work. What should I do?


Before starting this procedure, if you have a router connected between the Yahoo! BB/SoftBank modem and computer, it is strongly recommended that you disconnect it and connect your computer directly to the modem. Later, after you get your connection working, you can add the router back in to see if it was the source of the trouble.

Here's what to do:

1. Shut the computer down and disconnect the power to the modem (unplug the power at the rear of the modem).

2. Wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in. While waiting, disconnect and then reconnect the cable between the modem and the computer to be sure it's properly connected.

3. Wait about 2 1/2 minutes for the modem to go through its startup and connection routines. When the lights settle down, check the LINK (リンク, WLK or WAN*) lamp to see if it's glowing steady. If it is, your Yahoo! BB/SoftBank modem has been able to establish a connection with the Yahoo! BB server and you can continue to Step 4. Otherwise, skip to Step 11.

*The various SoftBank modems have different markings for the same lamp.

NOTE: It is very important to understand that the LINK to the server is basic to the connection. If the LINK lamp is not glowing steady, nothing you do to your computer will fix the problem.

4. Start the computer. The "pasokon" (パソコン, LAN or LLK) lamp should begin to glow steady. (This assumes you do not have a router attached to the pasokon port. If you do, the lamp should have already been glowing and starting the computer should make a lamp glow on the router.)

The modem lamps should appear as follows:

(Note: the order and exact labeling may be different depending on which modem you have. Also, some modems have 4 numbered LAN/Computer ports--whichever port your computer is connected to is the one that should glow.)

  • Power (電源): On steady
  • Warning (警報): Off
  • LAN, Computer (パソコン) or LLK: On steady
  • Data (データ): Blinking
  • Link (リンク), WLK or WAN: On steady
  • Wireless LAN (無線LAN): Off unless a LAN card is inserted into the Yahoo modem in which case it should be on
  • BBPhone (BBフォン): On steady
  • Communication (通信): Blinking

The white "Trio" modems have the following additional round lamp/button at the bottom of the front panel:

  • Telephone Call Forwarding (電話転送開始). This function is not implemented at this time so it should be off.

The Trio 3-G Plus has a second round lamp/button below the above button:

  • Reset (リセット). This button is used to restart the modem.

If all the lamps indicate as above, then the modem has successfully restarted and appears able to communicating with the devices and servers properly.

9. Check to see if you now have access to the internet. Launch your browser and try to load a page. If it loads okay, refresh/reload the page to make sure it's not being loaded from cache (Cmd+r on Mac or Ctrl+r on Windows). If the pages load, you're connected! If not, continue to Step 10.

10. If you still cannot view web pages, check to see if BBPhone is working. Plug a telephone into the modem and dial a phone number (your mobile is best).

Listen to hear the pooh-pooh-pooh sounds after dialing but before the ringing starts. If there is no pooh-pooh-pooh but the call goes through, check the number displayed on your mobile. If it's not an 050- number, then the call went through NTT, not Yahoo! BB indicating BBPhone is not connected.

If you do get the pooh-pooh-pooh sounds, then it means that you are connecting to the Yahoo! BBphone server. If that's the case, then the internet connection should also be working. If it's not, then you should check your computer's internet configuration. After doing that, come back here and go to Step 11.

11. Contact Yahoo! BB and try to get them to send you a new modem.

Remember, if the LINK lamp doesn't glow steady, nothing you do to the computer will fix the problem. If the Rep at Yahoo! BB suggests doing "this or that" to your computer, point out that LINK lamp is off (or blinking) so it the problem cannot be the computer.

Hope this helps.


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