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Checking the Speed of Your Internet Connection

Q. How do I check the speed of my internet connection?

A. There are a number of sites on the web that can check your speed but it's inportant to use one close to your location, i.e., in Japan. Following are instructions on how to use BBchecker.

Using BBchecker

Here's how to check:

  1. Go to BBchecker.
  2. Click on either red button in the 1st screen that comes up.
  3. Click on the lower button in the 2nd screen (but wait until the 3 kanji in the field above the buttons changes to 2 kanji and a ! mark.

A results window will open. Your download speed will be the first speed listed in large red figures in Kbps (1000 Kbps equals 1 Mbps). The second, lower, number will be your upload speed.

You may want to check more than once as the results will vary.

Hope this helps!



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