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Customer Comments about BBapply

Q. What do customers and other web sites have to say about using BBapply to get connected?

A. Well, we're not perfect so we've probably made applicants grumble at one time or another, but most people seem to be happy with the efforts we make to simplify getting connected. Here's a sample of the comments we've received or seen on the web.

Blogs & Web Sites

  • Metropolis: "[BBapply] does exactly what it says on the pack, and Jimmie could only be more helpful if he came round to plug your new modem in and put the kettle on." (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the linked page to see the quote.)

  • Sandandtsunamis: "We have high speed Internet (DSL) at our home through Yahoo!BB and have been really happy with the service. It has been incredibly reliable, and for anyone living in Japan for an extended period of time, is a great way to go because of a great guy named Jimmie ( who will help you get it set up. "

  • WALKMAN W52S MOBILE PHONE: "I would not normally make a financial recomendation, but in this case, I'm going to plug a service: If you are planning a move, or a change in internet provider, or want a house phone (land line or I.P. phone) or even if you want more TV channels than the 4 you get with that coat hanger sticking out the back of your set, you need to talk to this guy. He will save you a load of hassle."

Customers Email

These are just a few of the comments we've received over the years ...

  • Just thought I'd drop an e-mail to say thanks for all your assistance in this matter. Everything panned out exactly as you wrote in your connection guide. Thank you so much!
    W.O., Saitama

  • ... thank you for the fantastic service. I am now connected to Hikari Flet's and am loving it. They do indeed have great English support and it's amazingly fast. Again, thank you and your staff for all the help.
    J.P. Tagata-gun

  • Just wanted to say thanks for being so great at your job!!! I have the interent and it rocks and was super easy to set up thanks to your on-line directions. You should get a raise!!!!
    H. B.

  • Thanks! You're awesome.
    C.O., Yomitan-son, Okinawa

  • I think you provide an enormous value to the "gajin" community in Japan.
    D.R., Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

  • Thanks for the great site, Jimmie. You are a godsend.
    E, Sendai, Japan

  • I can't thank you enough for all of the help you've given me. I understand that it must be very hard work addressing everyone's questions and concerns, but you have done an exceptional job keeping me informed, and all my friends here in Japan have said the same thing.
    A.S., Saga-shi

  • In the words of Socrates... `you the man.`
    E.J., Yatsushiro-shi

  • Woohoo! Connected at home finally! Glory, Glory.
    J.P., Kumomoto

  • Can I just say WOW! That is fast service!
    N.B., Iida-shi

  • Your site is incredibly useful!
    J.C.,Chuo ku, Kobe

  • You don’t know how valued this site is to us non-perapera outside folks.
    M., Aomori

  • Many thanks Jimmie -- you provide by far the best service in any field we've experienced since being here!
    C.P., Sagamihara-shi

  • Thank you very much for the wonderful service you provided by helping me get connected. I appreciate it.
    C.D., Kumamoto

  • Thanks Jimmie, you're the best!
    P. G.

  • I Truly appreciate your help-- your kindness shines across even in such short emails.
    D. S.M.

  • Thanks Jim. I really appreciate all your help. I'll recommend you to everyone . . .
    G.A. (CV63)

  • Thanks for all your help, you're doing us english speaking gaijin a great service!

  • Wow, you are great; like a one-man information band. Thanks for taking the time to offer some advice.

  • u have my undying gratitude^_^

  • I've managed to read most of the information you provided - I'm amazed at the amount of detail included! Thank you. I'm sure I won't have any difficulties . . .
    G.T. Tokyo

  • Jimmie and BBapply made the process of acquiring a telephone line and internet access fantastically simple and straightforward. They graciously hand-held me through the entire process and assisted me with several initial challenges I had to overcome. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jimmie and BBapply to anyone else seeking to turn on telephone and internet access.
    -Derrick Jong / LOTUSCreative / Kyoto

  • Thank you very much!! Everything went smooth and I am very much satisfied with your assistance. I am up and running with yahoo BB. I am going to recommend you to every who is loking to be connected. Thanks again!!
    S.T., Chitose, Hokaido

  • Thanks for all your help and suggestions you're a modern day "Jim'll fix it!"
    H., Kochi

  • THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I made one of my teachers call Yahoo BB and they had no idea what I should do... I am SO glad I found this message board! Thanks again, Jimmie!
    S., Saitama

  • I just wanted to let you know that everything went perfectly with my Yahoo BB hook-up. I'm very happy to be online! Thanks so much!

  • I have found more help here on this site in 5 minutes than my wife (Japanese) has been able to get out of YahooBB in 4 years!!
    D. in Kumamoto

  • Thank you for all your help. So far, my phone and internet are working fantastically!
    J.B., Osaka

  • Just wanted to thank you again for the simple and efficient services....
    N. R., Hiroshima-shi

  • Thank you, thank you, A MILLION TIMES - thank you!!!
    J.C., Nagasaki

  • Thanks so much for all your help -- this is a truly awesome service that I will recommend to anyone who moves here. I wish this service existed for all aspects of expat life in Tokyo.
    K.W., Nishi-Azabu

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