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Registering a Yahoo! BB Account

Q. How do I register my Yahoo! BB account?

A. It's not too difficult and similar to registering for a Gmail or Yahoo email account, but the registration pages are all in Japanese so I've prepared a guide with pictures to guide you along.

What you need to have...

First of all, before beginning, you will need to have the following information:

  1. Your Yahoo Japan ID
    This is five letters followed by three digits (e.g., "abcde123").
  2. Your Password
    This is probably six digits.
      • Your ID and Password are both on the first page of your Yahoo! BB "Starter Pack" letter which should have been the first letter you received after filing your application with Yahoo. It came in a dark gray envelope and is marked "SoftBank" which is the name of Yahoo Japan's parent company.
  3. Your Postal Code
    This is a seven digit number in this format: 123-4567
  4. Your Birth Date
  5. Your Gender (sex)

Those last three items, Birth Date, Gender and Postal code and the answer to a 'secret' question to be determined in this process may be asked of you later to confirm you identity when calling Yahoo on the phone or if you forget your password or want to change it.

Display of Japanese Characters...

You will be going to pages that are displayed in Japanese. If you find that the Japanese isn't displayed properly, try resetting the Text Encoding (look in View/Edit, etc. menus for Text/Character Coding/Encoding, etc.). Change it to "Japanese Auto-Select or, if that's not available try Japanese Shift-JIS, etc., until you find a system that displays properly.

How to do it...

1. Go to the BB Member's Service Page* That page will open in a new window. You may want to resize both this window and the new one so you can easily move back and forth between them. In the new window, click on the Yahoo! BB button as shown here:

*If clicking on the BB Member's Service Page link doesn't work, click here instead. (You might want to right-click and choose "Open link in new window" or similar so you can see both that page and this one at the same time.)

Click on the "Service" link (as shown by the arrow below).

Click 'saabisu' in katakana


2. The next page that opens will be a log-in page similar to the following graphic. Enter your Yahoo Japan ID and password from the first page of the "Starter Pack" letter you received form Yahoo! BB.


Enter YBB Japan ID & Password


3. After you click on the Log-in button (next to the little image of a lock, a new page will open as below. In that page, when you click on the first pop-up menu, you'll see this ( I've added numbers in red to aid with the following list of translations.):


Select 'petto' in first pop-up


This pop-up menu is where you choose your "Secret Question." This is one of the questions you'll be asked to confirm your identity if you forget your password or want to upgrade your service, etc. The words in BOLD CAPS below are those that appear in katakana in the pop-up menu which may aid you in your selection. If you cannot read katakana, maybe it's time to learn. (It only takes a few hours of concentrated study. ;-)

1. What was your childhood nickname?
2. What is the TITLE of the first song you ever bought?
3. What was the name of your 1st love?
4. What was your childhood dream?
5. What is your personal motto?
6. What was the name of your first PET?
7. What is your father's first (given) name?
8. What is the name of the hospital where you were born?
9. What is the 1st foreign country you visited?
10. What is the name of your 1st grade home room teacher?
11. After you RETIRE, where do you want to live?
12. What is the 1st movie you saw?
13. What was the 1st car you bought?
14. What is your favorite dish cooked by your mother?
15. What school CLUB did you join in middle (junior high) school?

4. After choosing one of the questions, enter the answer in the next space (shown in the next graphic below). Roman letters (that is, a, b, c, etc.) should be okay. Enter a minimum of 4 letters.

Then enter, in order, your birth date, postal code and sex. If you don't know the kanji for men and women, learn them now--you'll need them to use some public toilets. In the graphic below, Male has a check (√) mark and Female is in blue.

The last two pop-up menus are for industry and occupation. I suggest you just choose the last item in each list which is "other." Compare the kanji in this graphic to be sure you got it right.

Finally, I suggest you uncheck the box next to the words "Yahoo! JAPAN" unless you want to get advertising emails in Japanese. (Actually, you'll probably get some anyway--leaving this checked will get you even more.)


Image of form filled in

5. When finished making your choices, click the button to send your registration. You will next see the following which confirms the registration and shows your email settings. You may want to print or save this page for future reference.

NOTE: After registering you'll receive a few emails. One or two of them will have a link that looks like a link back to the site to confirm the registration. DON'T CLICK IT!. It's actually a link to cancel the registration!


Finished image


You are now finished registering your account. You may set up your email account if you wish, but before doing so, I suggest you read my opinion on why I think it's A Bad Idea.


Hope this helps!


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