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Upgrading Your Hardware for Broadband

Q. My computer doesn't have a LAN port and it's not running in Japanese. Will Japanese parts work? How can I upgrade it to use broadband?

A. Parts made for Macs will always work regardless of the language (no matter what the clerk in the store says) and, in principle, Japanese parts should work with recent versions of Windows however many users have reported difficulty getting Japanese LAN cards to work in English versions of Windows (perhaps because the instructions were in Japanese) so a card with an English driver is advised.

Adding LAN Ports to your Computer

This page has info on where to get parts to add a LAN port to your computer. If you're not sure whether or not you have a LAN port please go to the Computer Requirements page.


Almost all Macs built since the 80's have LAN ports. If you have one of the rare models without a port or one with the old type (pre-1997) port, you'll need an adapter. Note that on your application and we'll help you get updated.


If your PC doesn't have a LAN port, you will need to buy and install a card. LAN cards for PC's are available in any computer store BUT some users have reported that Japanese LAN cards would not work with English versions of Windows so a card with an English driver is advised.

USER'S SIDE, a supplier of English OS computers and accessories, imports LAN cards with English drivers and they ship anywhere in Japan. If you order from them about the same time your application is filed, you should have the card by the time your Yahoo! BB modem arrives. (Note: link is not mobile-phone friendly.)

Click on the "Wired Network" link on their site. One of the following types made by Linksys or Netgear should be acceptable, depending on what your computer can accept. Please consult your computer's documentation, the maker's site or ask USER'S SIDE if you're unsure which to order.

  • PC Card Network Adapter
  • CardBus Network Adapter
  • USB Network Adapter
  • Wireless-G Notebook Adapter*


Wireless Routers (Mac & Win)

If you want wireless connection in your home, you may rent a wireless router from Yahoo! BB (select "Wireless LAN Pack on the application) or buy one to connect to the broadband modem. USER'S SIDE sells wireless routers that will work with either Mac or Windows. Note: your computer itself must also have wireless capability.

Wireless for Macintosh

Many mobile Macs released since October, 2001 and all released since October 2004 have wireless built-in. If not, you will need either an Airport or Airport Extreme card. Airport Extreme cards are sold in Apple Stores and better computer stores around the country. The older card has been discontinued by Apple but may still be found on the web. Also, some PC or USB LAN cards will work in Macs.

Wireless for Windows

Wireless LAN cards for PC's be obtained from USER'S SIDE. They will ship to anywhere in Japan. Mac users can look for what the want on the Apple US site and then call Apple Japan's English Sales line to place an order.

Hope this helps!


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