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Q. How do I pay for Yahoo! BB?

A. The two official payment options are credit card and automatic withdrawal from Japanese bank or postal savings accounts. If you do not arrange for payment by one of those options, then you will receive a statement in the mail that can be paid in cash at most convenience stores. For cash payments, there is a ¥315 surcharge to cover the store fee.

See the following for instructions on setting up payments

Arranging Payments

You will receive a snip-off post card form to be used for arranging automatic payment by credit card or automatic withdrawal on or about the same day your service is connected.

Automatic Payment

As mentioned above, there are two official ways you can pay:

  1. Credit card (VISA; Master Card; JCB: Diners Club)
  2. Automatic deduction from bank or Post Office savings account

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for instructions on arranging automatic payments.

Cash Payment

If you don't arrange one of the above, you will receive a bill in the mail around the 15th of the following month that can be paid as most convenience stores. For cash payments, there is a ¥315 surcharge to cover the store fee.

Note: Yahoo! BB has an optional service (¥315/month) to receive statements every month by mail. Those statements contain details of the service charges including the phone calls made with their BBPhone service but they cannot, however, be used to make cash payments. The bills that can be used for cash payment can be recognized by the bar codes and logos for convenience stores.

Payment Deadline Dates

The cash payment statements sent by mail are only valid for two weeks from the date of issuance and usually expire on the 27th of the month.

Payments by auto-deduction or credit card are collected on the 27th of each month.

Missed Payments

If you don't pay within the two-week time period (or automatic payment fails), you'll have to wait until the next month when you'll get a bill for two months. That second bill will also have a two-week window for payment.

If you once again fail to pay by the deadline (27th), then they'll send a third bill in the middle of the next month and your service will be disconnected on or about the same day the bill arrives. Your service will be reconnected about two or three days after payment is made.

Arranging Automatic Payment

There are two ways to arrange automatic payment, by deduction from your account and credit card. The main advantage of having it come from your account is that it's the least expensive. If you pay by cash there's a ¥315 surcharge to cover the mailing of the bill and the store fee. If you pay by credit card, you'll likely have a foreign currency surcharge if it's not a Japanese card not to mention the possibiliy of interest if you don't pay it in full on your next statement.

Automatic Account Deduction

If you wish to pay by automatic deduction from your bank or postal savings account, the best way to arrange it is to take the payment form mentioned above to the bank or post office, along with your passbook and inkan (seal), if you use one, and have them help you fill it out before sending it to Yahoo.

The bank staff will try to get you to fill it in in yourself because it is customary in Japan for such documents to be done in ones own hand. However, if you insist you cannot, they will usually do it for you.

If your account is set up with your signature rather than using an inkan, you should ask the bank staff to also put their seals on the form. It is a common (and incorrect) belief among Japanese that banks require inkan to open a bank account.

If your payment form arrives at Yahoo! BB with only your signature, there is a chance that the Yahoo! BB staff will simply reject it without sending it to the bank. Having the bank staff's inkan on the form will give the Yahoo! BB staff pause and, hopefully, cause them to send it along to the bank.

Important: Having a Japanese friend or collegue help you fill out the form to arrange automatic deduction might save you a trip to the bank but it is A Bad Idea. The average person might be able to do their own information but in the case of foreigners, it's important to know exactly how the name is registered at the bank. Typically, it is the katakana version of the name on the inside cover of the bank book not the roman letters on the outside. But only the bank staff will know for sure and they will also what signature you used.

Payment by Credit Card

If you wish to pay by charge to your credit card, here is how you fill it out:

Credit Card paymet card

Included with the card is a peel-off seal to use for covering your private information when posting it to Yahoo. Fill in your card info as shown and cover it with the seal before sending to Yahoo.

Hope this helps.


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