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Suspending Yahoo! BB ADSL

Q. Can I put my Yahoo! BB service on hold while I'm away on vacation?

A. Yes, IF you are using Yahoo! BB ADSL with NTT phone service. The details are somewhat complicated so please read the following explanation.

Note: The follwoing does not apply to Yahoo! BB Hikari users.

It is possible to put Yahoo! BB ADSL service on hold but only if you have Yahoo! BB with NTT phone service. If you have Yahoo! BB without NTT phone service, then you cannot pause the service.

Please note the following restrictions and conditions: (Accurate as of early 2010.*)

1. You may pause the service for any length of time (well, there may be a limit of a year, or something) but they don't prorate so you will be billed a full month's charge for the initial partial month of connection. On the other end of your vacation, however, you will only be charged the pause rate for the partial month when you come back even if you use it for most of that month.

2. The full months of pause plus the partial month at the end will be billed at the "pause" rate of ¥300/month.

For example, if you have it turned off from July 20th to Sept. 5th, then you will be billed for the full month of July but for August and September you will be billed only ¥300/month.

3. You can only suspend within one month prior to the suspension. If you are suspending from August 1, you should call in July to request suspension. (You should call at least 10 days before leaving to be safe.)

If you are leaving mid-month, you should call and request suspension from the 1st of the following month. (This is important: If you request it suspended from July 15th, they only do full months so it will be off from July 1st!)

4. You cannot give them the re-start date, and expect your service to re-start automatically. You have to call them a few days before you want to re-start. You can call from outside Japan at +81-3-6888-4943 but remember that you will need your customer account number (or the "S/N" number from the bottom of your modem) when you call so take that with you.

5. You can't suspend your NTT line during your Yahoo! BB suspension.

6. If you are using Yahoo! BB without NTT phone service, then it's not possible to pause the service.

To arrange for the putting the account on hold, call Yahoo's English Account Line. You'll find their contact numbers here: Yahoo! BB English Account Support.

Hope this helps!


*If you find any difference when you call Yahoo! BB, please let us know.

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