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Moving Yahoo! BB ADSL

Q. I have Yahoo! BB ADSL service now but I'm moving. How do I move Yahoo! BB to my new address?

A. In some cases, you just make a phone call or two in English and it's switched to your new place the same day you move. In others, you have to cancel and reapply. Full instructions are below.

Availability at your New Location

Before arranging to move your service, you should consider the following points:

  • Distance from the server affects the speed of ADSL service.
  • Most apartment buildings now have high-speed Hikari (fiber optic) services already connected to the building.
  • Mansion-type Hikari services are, in many cases, both faster and less expensive than ADSL.

Before deciding to move your current service, it's recommended that you have your new location checked:

Availability Check Request Form

Procedure for Moving Yahoo! BB Service

The procedure for moving Yahoo! BB depends on the type of Yahoo! BB service and whether you also have NTT land line telephone service.

Types of Service

Basically, there are three types of Yahoo! BB situations. Check to see which applies to your situation:

  • Type 1 You're using ADSL-type Yahoo! BB and it is installed on an NTT phone line provided by your employer, ex-spouse, or other person, company, school, etc., AND you're not being allowed to transfer that same phone service account to your new address. Instructions.

  • Type 2 You're using Yahoo! BB without NTT phone service (i.e., you don't have an NTT phone number and you don't get bills from NTT). Instructions.

  • Type 3 You're using Yahoo! BB ADSL on an NTT phone line and that same NTT phone service account will be transferred to your new address.
    (Note: Whether the NTT phone number has to change or not as a result of the move doesn't matter. The point is whether you have the right or permission to get NTT to transfer the existing NTT service to the new address.) Instructions.

Campaign Benefits

Type 1 users will qualify for regular benefits of new applicants (e.g., one month free service*) except for any special benefits accorded to applicants who have recently moved. This is because Moving Benefits are for applicants who have not been using Yahoo! BB at their old address.

Types 2 and 3 users will receive the benefits of The Issho ni Hikoshi Campaign* which has benefits similar to that for new customers so there is no special advantage to canceling and reapplying at your new address.

*As of this writing. Campaign benefits are subject to change, of course. See this site's Home page for current info.

Type 1–Moving Yahoo! BB but not NTT

If you are Type 1, then you'll have to cancel Yahoo! BB, return the modem, etc. and reapply at the new address. (Yahoo! BB service on a line with NTT phone service can only be moved if the NTT service moves, too.) To get service at your new location:

  1. Cancel your current Yahoo! BB service.
  2. Arrange new Yahoo! BB service or check to see which services are available.

Also, check out the General Notes below.

Type 2–Moving Yahoo! BB without NTT

If you are Type 2, then all you have to do is call the Yahoo! BB English Account Center not earlier than 30 days before your desired connection date and tell them your new address. They will arrange for the installers to come to your new place to make the connection.

The connection date cannot be sooner than 13 working days (Mon. - Fri., excluding Japanese holidays) from the date you call. You will be able to specify either A.M. or P.M. for your stand-by appointment.

Also, check out the General Notes below.

Type 3–Moving Yahoo! BB with NTT

If you are Type 3 then there are two basic steps:

  1. Contact NTT and arrange to have your telephone service moved to your new location.
  2. Contact Yahoo! BB and inform them of:
    1. Your new address.
    2. NTT connection date at your new address.
    3. Your new NTT phone number (if it's changing).

Both of the calls (NTT and Yahoo! BB) can be made in English and a few other languages.

Yahoo! BB's minimum time for arranging service for Type 3 is eight working days (Mon-Fri, except Japanese holidays). If you call them later, then they will not be able to connect the internet service at the same time NTT is connected.

It is recommended that you allow at least two weeks for the NTT connection and three or four weeks is better so it is recommended you call NTT as soon as you know your new address.

Also, check out the General Notes below.


  • You should make the calls to NTT and Yahoo! BB from the phone line that is being moved. Yahoo! BB may want to call you back to confirm you identity. If you provided your mobile number when you applied for Yahoo! BB service, Yahoo! BB (but not NTT) will accept that as confirming your identity, too. Or, if you don't have a mobile and cannot call from home, Yahoo! BB will usually accept the "S/N" number from the bottom of your modem to confirm your identity.
  • It will not be necessary to fill out applications or have your ID card updated or send copies because you already have accounts with both NTT and YBB.
  • In most cases you will keep your YBB modem and use it at the new location.
  • The first few days of the month are the busiest time for NTT so if you want connection on or near the first of the month, you'll have to apply early. about 15 to 30 days before the date of desired connection is recommended.

Hope this helps!


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