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Yahoo! BB Email Account Configuration

Q. How do I configure my Yahoo! BB email account.

A. Yahoo! BB will send you a Yahoo Japan ID and password. Use those following the instructions below.

Email Account Configuration

Here is what you need to enter in your email client's settings area:

Note: The Yahoo! BB SMTP (outgoing) email server can only be used for email mail addresses ending in <> or <>. For email being sent "From" other addresses, see the "Note to users of other domains" below.

User Name (User ID): = Your Yahoo Japan ID
Password: = Password you got from Yahoo or created online
Email address: You may use either:

POP (incoming) mail server address:
SMTP (outgoing) mail server address:

I'm afraid I'm unable to offer detailed instructions on how to enter the above info in your email client because there are too many different clients running on too many OS versions. Your computer's help or email wizard should be able to help you. If that also doesn't work, use Google to find more info about your email client for your situation.

Note to users of other domains

To prevent spam email from being sent from user's computers that are infected with spambot viruses, etc., Yahoo! BB does not allow email "From" other domains to be sent through their SMTP (outgoing) mail servers. That is to say, only email that is "From" addresses ending in <> or <> are allowed to be sent through the Yahoo! BB server on port 25.

They do this by blocking other domains from using their SMTP servers and also from using Port 25, which is where their SMTP server connects.

This will block any outgoing email that does not have the domain of <> or <>.

If you want to send email with your own domain or other domain such as your company's then you must use a 'relay" SMTP server provided by either:

  • Whoever is hosting that domain
  • An SMTP server set up on your own computer, or
  • Some other SMTP server (Google can lead you to commercial sites that provide SMTP services).

Also, since port 25 is blocked, you will have to send it through a different port such as 587, 465 or 2525. If none of those work, then you will need to contact the administrator of whichever SMTP server you use and ask which port they accept.

Hope this helps!



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