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How to Determine Distance from Server

Q. I know that the speed I will actually get with ADSL depends on my distance from the server. How can I determine the distance?

A. There is a web site where you can put in your NTT landline phone number (or a nearby number) and it will tell you the distance. The site is in Japanese so follow the instructions below if you cannot read Japanese.

Determining you Distance

Advertised speeds for ADSL are the "best effort" speed. In real life, the speed you actually get will be less. How much less depends mainly on your distance from the telephone exchange where your ADSL server is located.

To check the distance, you need a number to be checked. If you don't have a phone number yet, you should try entering the number from a nearby neighbor. If you don't know anyone, try getting a number from a nearby store. Most stores and shops have a stack of business cards next to the register. Just stop in and take one. They won't mind.

The number to be checked should be within a five or ten minute walk, at most. If further, keep in mind that it takes about 15 minutes to walk a kilometer and that distance may be added or subtracted from your distance, depending on the direction of the server.

Note: The following distance check sites do not work with all browsers. If Internet Explorer doesn't work, try Netscape or Mozilla or Safari. The sites also only work during the following hours:

Mon-Sat 8:00AM - 3:00AM
Sunday 8:00AM - 9:00PM


(1) Determine if you're in Easter or Western Japan. In Eastern Japan, landline phone numbers start with numbers from 01 to 04 and Western Japan numbers are from 05 and up.

(2) If you live in Eastern Japan go to Step 3. If you live in western Japan skip to Step 5 below.

(3) Go to the Eastern Japan Distance Check site and click on the link about five or six lines down in the center of the page (circled in the following graphic):


(4) On the page that opens, scroll to the bottom and click on the "Next" button as in the following image. When the page opens, skip to Step 7 below.

(5) If you live in western Japan, go to the Western Japan Distance Check site.

(6) You should see this in the window that opens (in Western Japan it will be a purple button with white text):

Click on the button.

(7) On the page that opens, you'll see this:

(8) Click on the button in the left side of the page (shown in the above graphic) and a page will open where you'll see this:

(9) Enter your phone number (without dashes) in the field at the top and then click on the button as shown. If all goes well, info similar to the following should pop into the fields at the right:

The number in the middle field indicates the number of meters from the exchange station to your phone's location. Now you can go to the Service Choice page in the BBapply FAQ foradvice on which service would be best for you.

Distance Not Shown

In some cases, a distance will not be shown.

Red Text on Screen

If you get red text on this screen, it indicates that a reading was not obtained. The reason could either be that you're too far or that you are in a newer mansion or area (e.g., Rokko Island) which has fiber optic wiring. Or, it may be that there was an error inputting the data, so before giving up, try entering the phone number again.

No Result Shown

Some numbers do not return a distance. That does not mean you are too far or cannot get ADSL service. If you are getting no result on your number, I suggest you do the distance check on a nearby phone line such as a neighbor in the same building or a store in the neighborhood.

If, in the end, you still cannot determine the distance you should file the application anyway. Mark it "Unknown Distance. Please advise the best speed to order." and I will try to determine the distance by searching for the phone numbers of nearby addresses with Google.

Hope this helps!


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