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Contacting Yahoo! BB

Q. Can I contact Yahoo! BB in English or other languages?

A. Yes, Softbank/Yahoo! BB has a dedicated support phone line called the "Softbank Internet Translation Center" that operates Monday-Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM offering support in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

Softbank Internet Translation Center

Yahoo! BB will answer in English and then you'll hear a menu number stated in each of the four languages.

When the foreign language speaker comes on the line, they will listen to your request or problem and then connect you to the appropriate department and translate for you.

This is not a free phone call. The charge varies depending on where you call from and the type of phone you use (landline/mobile/050 IP phone). Generally, it's around ¥20 per 20 seconds.

Preparing to Call

Whenever you call Yahoo! BB, you should be ready to give them your phone number. They might also ask for your 14-digit YBB account number  if, for example, you changed your number since getting connected with their service. (The account number starts with '20' and can be found in the "Starter Pack" letter you got from SoftBank on/about the same day your modem was delivered.)

If you don't have or cannot find that number, they may be able to find your account using the"S/N" number on the bottom of your modem.

Contact Telephone Number

TEL: 0570-666-595 Mon-Fri 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
(Please read the "Line is busy Problem" section below before dialing.)

Language Selection

To choose your preferred language, press one of the following numbers as soon as the English recording starts:


Line is "Busy" Problem

Before you call, please read this section about how to get through to the translation center.

As noted above, calling the support center is not free and, apparently, in the past they received complaints for being charged for the time spent waiting on hold. Their solution to this problem was to eliminate holding in line for service.

If they are busy, you must dial and redial and redial until you get through. The good news is that if you know this and also know how to make it easy to redial, you can simplify the process and get in quicker. Here's how:

    1. Dial 0570-666-595
    2. Wait for voice, then press "1" (or other number).
    • If you get a recording saying "I'm sorry ..." then hang up and immediately redial.
    • If you get a recording asking you to wait for a "translator" then you are in. A live person should come on the line quickly.

    You may have to redial many times. If possible, I suggest calling at exactly 10:00 AM when they open as the odds of getting a free operator at that time will be better.

    Of course, you should use your telephone's "Redial" function on the "Recent/Missed Calls" screen so you don't have to re-enter the full number every time.

Hope this helps.

Jimmie Jenkins

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