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Changing ADSL Companies

Q. I have ADSL service now. How can I change to another company?

A. If you are using ADSL with NTT phone service, there are four steps:

  1. Contact the desired company to make sure they have service in your area.
  2. Contact your current ADSL company and cancel their service.
  3. File your application with the new company.
  4. Wait for the modem.

However, one point is critical. You must provide the gaining service with the date of disconnection of the losing service. If you do not provide the correct date, then the new service absolutely will not be connected. Nothing will happen until you provide that date. To make the changeover, follow the instructions below very carefully.

If you have ADSL without NTT phone service, then the only way to change is to cancel one service and then request the other.

Checking for Availability of Service

Before starting the changeover procedure, you should request an Availability Check to make sure you can get the desired service before canceling the current service.

Quitting your ADSL Provider

All ADSL servers are located in NTT's telephone exchange buildings and NTT does all the connections and disconnections no matter which company owns the servers.

Naturally, they've established a procedure for changing servers and that procedure calls for the gaining ADSL company to provide certain information to NTT before the connection work will be done.

One bit of info they require that causes trouble is the "disconnection date." The gaining company must inform NTT of the exact date that the losing ADSL service was or will be disconnected. Without being informed of that exact date, NTT will refuse to make the connection.

When you get the correct date and provide it to the gaining company at least two weeks before that disconnection date, then you will not have a large gap in service. The old service will be disconnected and the new service connected on the same day or within a day or two later.

The Problems

The First problem is that there are actually two dates involved:

  1. The date the service (read: payment) ends.
  2. The date that the actual physical disconnection from the server.

It is the latter date–the physical disconnection date–that must be provided. The easiest way to make sure you get the right date is to make sure both dates are the same. And the easiest way to do that is to always request disconnection be done on the last day of the month.

The Second problem is that in most cases there are two companies working together to provide the service, the ADSL provider and the ISP. You must be careful to ensure that you are actually canceling the ADSL service and not just the ISP.

The Procedure

To get started, you must first make sure you know who to call...

Who is your ADSL provider?

Most ADSL service requires that you actually contract with two companies:

  1. The ADSL Provider: usually NTT Flet's, eAccess or ACCA
  2. The ISP: for example, OCN, Asahi-net, GOL, Biglobe

The primary exception is Yahoo! BB which provides both functions. Nifty and KDDI may also provide both services.

These two types of companies have the following functions:

  • The ADSL provider connects you to the internet
  • The ISP arranges an internet email account and perhaps space for a web site

It's important to understand the ISP and the ADSL provider are often different companies and canceling one will not necessarily cancel the other.

Who to Call

If you use NTT Flet's, then you can call them directly but if you use eAccess or ACCA, then you have to go through the ISP. Also, some ISP companies 'brand' their service. That is, they hide the ADSL provider under their own banner. In that case, you will quit through them even if you're service is actually Flet's.

Telephone numbers for some of the services are below.

Canceling Your ADSL Service

You should call your current service to cancel before the 15th of the month. Instruct them clearly that you want disconnection to be the last day of the month. If it's past the 15th or they say it's too late to have disconnection on the last day of the current month, then you should request the last day of the next month.

Of course, it's possible to do it in the middle of the month but most of the companies do not prorate the charges for partial months. If you request a date in the middle of the month, you'll increase the chance of a delays and a period with no service and you'll also increase your expense.

Requesting cancellation at least two weeks before the end of the month is important for two reasons:

  1. It takes about two weeks for the disconnection to be arranged.
  2. It takes about two weeks to arrange the new service

If there is insufficient time for either disconnection or connection, then you will have a period with no service.

Filing Your Application for Internet service

Once you have the disconnection date you are ready to apply for the new service. If you requested an Availability Report, then there is an application form linked from the report.

When you complete the form, be sure to indicate the date you arranged for your current ADSL service to end and the name of the ADSL provider in the space provided.

The Changeover

Provided your disconnection date is not too soon and all else is well, your new service will be connected the same day the losing company is disconnected.

Canceling your ISP

You may want to have your current ISP service cancelled at the same time the ADSL service is disconnected, but you don't have to. You may desire, for example, to keep using your current email address for a while to give your correspondents at chance to update their address books.

ADSL Providers

Yahoo! BB

See the Yahoo! BB Cancel Info page.

Flet's (NTT)

See the Flet's Cancel Info page.


Apparently, eAccess no longer has an English support line. The eAccess English web site refers service change contacts to the ISP. The Japanese site doesn't do that but the contact form is in Japanese. So, unless you received a telephone support number when you signed up, you'll have to go through the ISP.


ACCA has a support number, 0120-2044-39, but like eAccess they refer users to their ISP to cancel.


I hope this page helps and that it doesn't sound so difficult that you give up. It's really just a matter of getting the right date. I've gone into all the detail above simply because many people have had trouble when they didn't. My intent has been to stress the importance of the date and knowing who to get it from.



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