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How to Cancel Yahoo! BB ADSL

Q. How do I cancel Yahoo! BB ADSL?

A. To cancel your ADSL service, call the Yahoo! BB English Account Support Line (number below). They will send a letter which you must fill out and return to them. If you want to end the service during or at the end of the current month, then they must receive your written response by the end of the month. If they receive the letter later than the last day of the month, then you will be billed for the next full month. Therefore, it is recommended that you start the process not later than the 15th of the month (and earlier is better).

This page includes info on how to cancel Yahoo! BB and NTT phone services, where to return the Yahoo! BB modem. It also has suggestions on how to handle final payments and how to have postal mail forwarded.

Note: the info on this page is only for ADSL users. It does not apply to Yahoo! BB Hikari service. If you are using Yahoo! BB as the ISP for NTT's Flet's Hikari (fiber optic) service, please see the Flet's Cancellation page.

Canceling Yahoo! BB

The process for cancellation follows the following steps:

  1. Contact Yahoo! BB at the Softbank Internet Translation Center.

  2. Receive a letter from Yahoo! BB requesting your desired ending date and reason for ending service.

    The bottom portion of the letter has the following form. Please fill in the information as shown in the example: The actual form has changed so it will not look like the below. We're working on changing the image. Sorry it's not correct yet. Suggest seeking help from a Japanese to complete the form when you get it.

    Image of Yahoo! BB cancellation form

    Reasons for cancellation of the service. Enter the number of your reason in the round space above.

    (1) I no longer need internet service.
    (2) I don't need the service for a while.
    (3) I'm moving. (I won't be using internet service or I'll use another service.)
    (4) I'm moving abroad or to an area in Japan with only fiber optic wiring so Yahoo! BB ADSL cannot be used.
    (5) I'm changing to Hikari service (fiber optic).
    (6) I'm changing to Cable TV.
    (7) I'm changing to other company's ADSL.
    (8) I'm changing to some other service.
    (9) I'm dissatisfied with the service charges.
    (10) I'm dissatisfied with the customer support.
    (11) I'm dissatisfied with the ISP services (e.g., e-mail)
    (12) I'm dissatisfied with the extra benefits for Yahoo! BB members.
    (13) I'm dissatisfied with the quality of the BBPhone service.
    (14) I'm dissatisfied with the quality or speed of connection.
    (15) I can't connect or I have much trouble in connecting to the internet.
    (16) I want to change my Yahoo Japan ID.
    (17) I'm quitting in order to reapply under a different name.
    (18) Other reason. (Specify the reason briefly in the space provided.)

  3. Return letter to Yahoo! BB in provided envelope (not in the box with the modem).

    You should fill out the form and return it as soon as possible. The cancellation date cannot be earlier than the date it is received by Yahoo! BB and the mail delivery may take as long as three or four days. IMPORTANT: If the letter is received after the last day of the month, you will be billed for the following full month. If you are sending the letter within the last few days of the month, you should send the letter by express post. It will cost ¥270 extra in postage but you'll save a month's fees. At the post office ask for "soku-tatsu" (速達).

  4. Return modem and other rental items to Yahoo! BB.

    Unless you purchased the modem (¥50,000), it and all the other rental items must be returned. There is a detailed list below. The return address will be on the letter from Yahoo! BB. You can take the letter and the modem to any convenience store and get them to fill out the address label or do it in English using the address below.

Note for Yahoo! BB on Employer-provided phone lines

There are sometimes delays in getting new Yahoo! BB connected on lines that have recently had Yahoo! BB disconnected. If you have Yahoo! BB on an employer-provided telephone line and your successor might be interested in applying for Yahoo! BB, you should specify for cancellation "As Soon As Possible." Then mail the letter a couple days before you leave.

Shipping the Modem, etc., back to Yahoo! BB

The modem and any other rental equipment that Yahoo! BB supplied to you must be returned. You can sent it back by mail at any post office or or express courier. Most convenience stores accept express shipments.

While you are on the phone, the Yahoo! BB rep will give you the address for returning the modem. Here it is in case you didn't get it then.

Return the Yahoo! BB modem, etc., to:

SoftBank BB Modem Section
Roji Port Kashiwa 1F
3-1 Shintoyofuta
Kashiwa-shi, CHIBA

Following is the address in Japanese in case you'd like to print it and let the post office or convenience store staff write it for you.

Yahoo! BBモデムなどの返送先:

〒277-0804千葉県 柏市 新十余二3−1
SoftBank BB モデム係 宛

(If you address the package yourself, don't forget to change the「宛」to「様」. It's the polite thing to do!)

Items that Must be Returned

Everything Yahoo! BB provided you (including modems received at stations or on the street) are RENTAL and must be returned unless, of course, you actually purchased them.

Yahoo! BB modems, contrary to popular belief, have never been given away for FREE at stations or on the street. Those modems were handed out as rental equipment.

Yahoo! BB modems are available for purchase when joining the service and cost about ¥50,000. Other YBB items (wireless card router, etc.) have similar prices. If you paid such sums to purchase Yahoo! BB equipment then you may keep those items.

Here is a list of the items that must be returned:

Everyone gets these items:

    • Yahoo! BB Modem
    • Power Adapter
    • LAN cable
    • 2 telephone wires

Items Yahoo! BB sends for optional services:

    • Wireless LAN Pack
      • Router card
      • Computer side device (e.g., USB Stick)
    • BBTV equipment
      • Set-top box
      • Power adapter (with cord)
      • 4-port Router* (inc. power adapter & short LAN cable)
      • Remote control
      • IC card (inside set-top box)
      • Video cable (red/white/yellow)
      • S-video cable
      • LAN cable

*BBTV users who got a Yahoo! BB modem with ports numbered 1-4, probably did not receive the 4-port router.

Other items which some users receive:

    • Splitter
    • Line Inverter (little beige plastic dongle thing)
    • BBPhone Terminal Adapter (this is the second half of the old 2-piece 8-Mbps modem distributed until summer of 2002 or so.

BBTV Users

If you are using BBTV, the operator at the English number above may ask you to call another number in Japanese to cancel BBTV, but if you insist you cannot do that they will, it seems, give up and take your cancellation there.

Final Billing

Billing for Yahoo! BB service is one month after the service is received and billing for calls you make on the BBPhone is two months after the month in which you call, so you should think about how you'll be paying.

If you pay by credit card, there should be no problem. But if you have been paying at a convenience store or by auto-deduction from your bank account, you will have to make special arrangements with friends or your company to make the payments for you.

Canceling NTT Service

If you also need to cancel your NTT phone line, the NTT Foreign Language Customer Support phone line provides customer support in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese.

NTT English Support Line

They are open 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday-Friday from mobile phones and NTT landlines only.

  • Eastern Japan: Call 0120-565-950
    • Akita - Aomori - Chiba - Fukushima - Gumma - Hokkaido - Ibaraki - Iwate - Kanagawa - Miyagi - Nagano - Niigata - Saitama - Tochigi - Tokyo - Yamagata

  • Western Japan: Call 0120-064-337
    • Aichi - Ehime - Fukui - Fukuoka - Gifu - Hiroshima - Hyogo - Ishikawa - Kagawa - Kagoshima - Kochi - Kumamoto - Kyoto - Mie - Miyazaki - Nagasaki - Nara - Oita - Okayama - Okinawa - Osaka - Saga - Shiga - Shimane - Shizuoka - Tokushima - Tottori - Toyama - Wakayama - Yamaguchi - Yamanash

(Note: these lines are often busy. If you have trouble getting through, you might want to try calling at exactly 9:00 AM before the line has a chance to get too long.)

In Japanese, call NTT at 116. The Japanese line is open 7 days a week. The hours in some parts of Eastern Japan are 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and in the rest of Japan, it's 9:00 to 5:00 PM.

Hours are: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Monday-Friday)

Note: They expect you to call from the line to be disconnected as this helps to establish your identity and right to make the request. However, the Foreign Language line is often busy. If you have trouble getting through, you might want to try calling at exactly 9:00 AM before the line has a chance to get too long. If that's impossible, you can try from a mobile as they might be able to accommodate you that way.

If you speak Japanese, the number to call is 116. The Japanese line is open 7 days a week. The hours in some parts of Eastern Japan are 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and in the rest of Japan, it's 9:00 to 5:00 PM.

Arranging for Mail Forwarding

Probably the easiest way is to go to arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your friend or company. Go to any post office and ask them for a tenkyo-todoke (Change of Address Notice).

After submitting the Change of Address form, your bills will go to the new address. If you have been paying at the bank and close the account then, when collection fails, Yahoo will send statements by mail which can be used to make payments.

Note, however, that the post office will not forward mail outside Japan.

Introducing to Your Successor and Friends

I hope this helps and I hope you have been satisfied with Yahoo! BB and my English support for Yahoo! BB and NTT services. If so, I hope you will be so kind as to introduce me to your successor in your job, if possible, and/or your friends and associates. Here is a link to my website. I hope you will be so kind as to bookmark that page and pass the link to them.

Best wishes!


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