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How to order NTT Landline Service

Q. I'm going to call NTT to order landline telephone service. I plan to use the line for ADSL internet service. What kind of phone service should I ask for?

A. You need to order "Analog" telephone service. If you don't want to buy a phone line, you should ask for "Analog Lite Plan" service and ask to make sure the service is connected on metal wires. Following are complete instructions.

How to call NTT and what to order

Is it recommended you read through these instructions before calling.

Following are instructions for the phone call. You should also see the full phone service ordering instructions page, if you haven't already.

Phone Number

NTT may be contacted in the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese and, of course, Japanese.

The Foreign Language Customer Support number is open 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday-Friday from mobile phones and NTT landlines only.

  • 0120-565-950 in Eastern Japan
    • Akita - Aomori - Chiba - Fukushima - Gumma - Hokkaido - Ibaraki - Iwate - Kanagawa - Miyagi - Nagano - Niigata - Saitama - Tochigi - Tokyo - Yamagata
  • 0120-064-337 in Western Japan
    • Other prefectures

(Note: these lines are often busy. If you have trouble getting through, you might want to try calling at exactly 9:00 AM before the line has a chance to get too long.)

In Japanese, call NTT at 116. The Japanese line is open 7 days a week.

Making the call

When you call the Foreign Language Customer Support number, the translator will call the appropriate department at NTT to place your order.

What to order

NTT has various types of phone service and numerous optional extras. If you want to use the phone for ADSL internet service, the you must order "Analog" phone service. There are two types of analog service:

  1. "Regular phone service" which is what is sometimes called a "owned line." Actually, what is owned is not "a line" but an "NTT Telephone Subscription Right" (or denwa kanyu kaisen kenri). NTT sells these "rights" for ¥37,800 or you can buy one "on the street" for the current going rate (probably around ¥10,000). If you want to "buy a line," you should buy the right before making the call to NTT. (Detailed info about "Rights" and buying lines.)
  2. "Analog Lite Plan" is what most people order because there is no need to buy a line. Instead of buying, you pay ¥263 extra every month.

IMPORTANT READ CAREFULLY: NTT may offer you other services including ADSL internet service or fiber optic. Don't do it! It's not a good idea because:

  • NTT's Flet's ADSL service is more expensive than the Yahoo! BB we arrange and has no benefits for new users.
  • Any Hikari (fiber optic) service they mention will be identical to the Flet's Hikari service we offer except that you might end up with an ISP that has no English support.

WHAT TO SAY: Just tell them you are "thinking about Flet's ADSL but will decide later." It's best if you do not mention Yahoo! BB because it won't help you get your service on the right type of connection.

Application form

NTT will ask for your name and address so they can mail you an application form. If you can receive faxes (say, at work) ask them to fax it to you instead. (Have your fax number ready when you call.)

The form is in Japanese so you may need to ask for assistance in filling it out. Be sure to write your name exactly as it appears on your ID.

These instructions are new. We would like to post a sample form here so if you have access to a scanner or can take good digital photos on your phone and you would like to help us improve this page, please send us an image. Thanks!

Sending the form and ID

You can fax your form and ID back to NTT at most convenience stores. See detailed info about ID and how to send it on these pages:

Setting the connection date

After receiving your form and ID, NTT will call you to set the date and let you choose a number. (Generally you get three to five numbers to choose from.)

They will also ask you which "MyLine" service you want. MyLine gives you a choice of long-distance carriers. We suggest you just ask for NTT as your MyLine carrier. NTT's MyLine long-distance fees are not the cheapest but any calls you make will be through Yahoo! BB's IP phone service or other IP phone which are all cheaper than any of the MyLine carriers anyway. Also, you won't have to worry about getting bills from other carriers.

Send Connection Date and Number to BBapply

If you have applied to BBapply for ADSL service, you should let us know the date and number right away. We will arrange for ADSL connection. If you let us know the date at least one working day (Mon. - Fri.) before connection, we can have the internet connected within one week.

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