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Arrange NTT Landline Phone Service

Q. I want to get NTT landline telephone connected. Can I do that in English? Do I have to buy a phone line?

A. Yes, you can arrange NTT landline telephone service in English and it's not difficult. You can buy a phone line but it's not required. If you buy a phone line, the charge will be ¥263/month less expensive. The cost of a phone line is ¥37,800 if you buy it from NTT but can be purchased 2nd hand for about for about ¥10,000. (Check ads in magazines and online.) Following are instructions for requesting service from NTT.

How to arrange NTT landline service

This page has general instructions for phone line connection. However, local NTT offices sometimes have unique procedures and ad hoc rules that may not match exactly what you see here.

NTT Requirements

NTT has four basic requirements for applicants for their telephone service:

  1. You must provide ID documentation to establish your identity.For foreigners, NTT accepts the following ID:
    • Alien Registration Certificate ("gaijin card") or certain documents showing you have applied for one.
    • SOFA (DoD) ID
    • Diplomatic ID card
  2. If you are not a Japanese citizen, you must have at least 4 months remaining visa (3 months in some areas). If you do not, you must agree to pay by credit card. There are three exceptions to this rule. You do not need to show a visa period if:
    • You are in Japan with Diplomatic status
    • You are in Japan with SOFA status
    • If you own an NTT Telephone Subscription Right (known to most foreigners as "own a phone line").
  3. The address on your ID documentation must match the address where the service is being installed. There are three exceptions to this rule:
    • If you are in Japan on diplomatic or SOFA status your ID need not show an address of residence.
    • If you already have NTT phone service at the address shown on your ID, you can get service at a 2nd location.
    • If you own an NTT Telephone Subscription Right.
  4. If a visit by an NTT crew to make the connection is necessary (and it is in about 50% of cases), you or a representative must be availabe to meet them at your residence at an appointed time period which must be Mon. to Fri. between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

General Instructions

Please read through these instructions to the end before calling NTT.

1. Call NTT to request service.

NTT may be contacted from mobile phones and NTT landlines in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese by calling The NTT Foreign Language Customer Support Center. They are open 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday-Friday. (Or, call in Japanese 7 days a week.)

2. Order suitable phone service for ADSL

If the purpose of getting a phone line is to use ADSL internet service, it is important to order the proper service and ask certain questions in order to ensure the phone service can actually be used for ADSL. We have prepared a Phone Service Request Guide to follow while talking to the NTT rep. That page has the phone numbers to call and info about which type phone you need to use ADSL.

2. Receive an Application Form from NTT.

NTT will send you an application form. If you have access to a fax machine, have the fax number ready when you call them.

3. Complete the form and return it to NTT along with ID documentation.

See the ID Requirements and Sending ID Instructions pagse for detailed info.

4. Receive a call from NTT.

After receiving your form and ID, NTT will call you to set the date and let you choose a number. (Generally you get three to five numbers to choose from.)

5. Send connection date and number to BBapply.

If you have applied to BBapply for ADSL service, you should let us know the date and number right away. We will arrange for ADSL connection. If you let us know the date at least one working day (Mon. - Fri.) before connection, we can have the internet connected within one week.

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