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If you are concerned about your privacy or whether BBapply is real or want to know what info we'll ask for (some of the questions may seem strange!) and how it will be used, please read on. The link will appear again at the bottom of the page.

Will BBapply Protect Your Privacy?

Yes! All our online forms use secure SSL encryption to prevent intercept over the net. Further, the info you supply will be used only to determine availability of service at your address by making discrete inquiries at Japan's leading providers, who also have data protection systems in place.

No information will be passed to other third parties or added to any marketing or spam lists. All info will be protected as required by the Japan Personal Data Protection Law.

What is BBapply?

BBapply is a service of Zazm, Inc. which is not some faceless internet site. It is a legally-registered Florida (US) corporation run by Jimmie Jenkins. The company is authorized to act as an application agent for Japan's largest internet access providers.

Jimmie Jenkins first came to Japan in 1968 and has lived in Japan for over 30 years.

Okay, but is BBapply Really Real?

Well, for one thing, by clicking on the GeoTrust logo, you can see that we are verified as "real" by one of the biggest verification outfits on the net. To get that logo displayed, we had to provide documentation such as incorporation documents, etc., which they then verified with the government.

Okay, Anything Else? Is BBapply any Good?

If that seal doesn't mean anything to you, there are three more things you can do to see if BBapply is real and trustworthy. And you can also find out if we do what we promise and how well we do it:

  1. Take a look at our "What Our Customers are Saying" page. That page has links to a few blogs and also a number of quotes from email we have received from clients.
  2. Ask the internet! Go to Google and search with key words like BBapply and forums to see what posters in Japan-related forums are saying about us.

Before Going to the Form ...

Before filling out the form, which asks for some info you might find curious, strange or intrusive, you might want to read the following which explains why we're asking those (sometimes) odd questions.

Types of Info Collected and Why

The form will ask you for info of two types:

  1. Usual. This is the info you would expect such as address, phone number, etc., plus questions such as the type of service you want.
  2. Unusual. This is info that you might think is odd to ask for. For example:
    • Whether you arranged your phone connection yourself.
    • Whether you paid money to buy your phone line.
    • What kind of building you live in.
    • Whether you own or rent your home.
    • How long you plan to stay in Japan.

(Note, however, you do not have to answer all these questions. The only info we really need to do the report is the address where you want service and your email address to send the report. The rest is optional.)

Why do we ask the Unusual Questions?

Answers to these questions are help us to understand your situation and that helps us advise you. For example ...

  • Whether you have phone service now and who owns the phone line can affect what you will have to do to get connected, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.
  • Changing certain types of service to another can be complicated and that will affect our advice.
  • Knowing the type of building you live in can help us understand the address you provide (a surprisingly large number of the addresses we get are scrambled or incomplete).
  • Knowing how long you'll use the service will help us advise the best deal for you.
  • Some providers have disconnection fees if you use the service less than a certain period. Knowing how long you plan to be here helps us advise you.
  • Etc.

So, we ask these questions because understanding your situation and desires helps us make recommendations that are tailored to you and that will make it easier for you to decide which service to choose.

If you are ready now to learn about which services are available in your area, click on this link:

Request an Availability Report

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