Meigi-nin Verification Worksheet

(You may want to print this page before calling NTT.)

Note that NTT will not tell you the name. You must tell them the name which you think is correct and then they confirm it as correct or not.

1. Call NTT from mobile or landline phones in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean or Chinese. Hours are Mon-Fri, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. In Eastern Japan call 0120-565-950. In Western Japan (Shizoka and to the west), 0120-064-337

2. When you have the operator on the line, ask for his/her name (the operator, not the interpreter).
Enter operator's name:


3. Tell the operator you want to verify the meigi-nin on:
Enter phone number:


4. Tell the operator that it's a foreign name so you're going to spell it (rather than just saying it):
Enter name being checked:


Write actual registered meigi-nin if the spelling or name order, etc. is different:


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