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The internet access situation in Japan is changing quickly. For the past several years, ADSL, which is carried on ordinary phone lines, was the most popular type of access in Japan because of its widespread availability.

Fiber optic or Hikari connections, on the other hand, while faster and more stable than ADSL, were expensive and available in limited areas only.

Times, however, have changed. Now Hikari (fiber optic) connections are widely available and Mansion-type Hikari service, which in most cases is actually less expensive than ADSL, is now pre-installed in many apartment buildings all across Japan.

To learn if Hikari is available in your building (or one you're thinking of movng to) and then get connected, the place to start is with an Availability Check. We will let you know which services are available in your area, how fast they will be and how much they'll cost. Then, after you've decided which service you want, we'll arrange the connection for you.

There is no charge or obligation for the Availability Check and we also file your application at no extra charge to you. There's no better way to get connected!

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