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Sending ID Instructions

Required ID Documents here

There are two ways you may send the ID to NTT: fax or postal mail.

  • Post: Sending by postal mail usually takes about two days. If you send it by express mail, they will have it the next day. To send by express mail, ask for "soku-tatsu" (速達) at the post office.
  • Fax: Sending by fax is faster, of course, but you must be sure that you are faxing a copy that has been lightened enough to make it readable when it arrives. Be sure to follow the instructions below about lightening the copies.


To ensure clean usable copies, please follow these instructions carefully.

1. Where and how to copy

If you do not have access to a copy machine at your place of employment, etc, most convenience stores have copy machines and the staff will usually be willing to help you.

Don't speak Japanese?

If you don't speak any Japanese, write the needed size (see below) on a piece of paper and hand it to a clerk with your ID while pointing at the copy machine.

  • When they put the ID in the machine, say "usu-ku ni" to indicate you want it lightened.
  • If the copy is too dark, say "motto usuku ni" to indicate it should be even lighter.
  • If the copy is a little too light, say "chotto kuraku ni" to request it be a little darker.
  • Be sure the ID is not placed right at the edge of the glass as that may cause the edge to be cut off. It should be about 5 mm (1/4 inch) from the edge of the glass to make a good copy.

2. Enlarge

The documents should be enlarged to [FULL] page A4 (letter) size. Do not make color copies.

Enlarge as follows:

  • Card ID, e.g., Alien Registration Certificate (ARC or "gaijin card") or SOFA (DOD-issued) ID: Enlarge 300%
  • Passport: For most standard sizes (U.S. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.). copy only single pages: Enlarge 200% Note: The page with your signature is not needed.
  • Other Documents: Enlarge as much as needed to make a [FULL] page (A4 or Letter-size) copy.

3. Lighten

When copying, the image should be lightened so the background designs on the ID are no longer visible:

  • Lighten until the background is gone but the signature is still visible.
  • If the background design is visible in the copy you use for faxing, i.e., it's not white, and/or the size is not [FULL PAGE] size, then it is very likely that your fax will not be accepted by NTT.

4. Check

After making the copies, look at them carefully:

  • Make sure that the edges of the documents are not cut off.
  • Make sure that all the letters, numbers, and Japanese characters may be clearly seen.
  • If you are planning to fax and you can see the background on the copy, then the fax will probably be too dark to be readable after faxing.

Sending ID

You may send the ID to NTT by fax or postal mail. NTT will give you the fax number or address when you call them.

Faxing Instructions

If faxing from a convenience store, the store staff will assist you. Just hand them the documents and a piece of paper with the word "FAX" and the above fax number and they'll know what to do.

How to Use a Fax Machine

If you're faxing from your company or home, you may find the following instructions helpful:

  1. Put the documents (up to ten sheets on most machines) into the tray. There should be an icon on the tray showing whether the sheets go face up or face down.
  2. Push the phone number. Note: Do not pick up the handset first or push the call button to get a dial tone!
  3. Push the "Start" button. Usually, it's the largest button and is often marked with either "Start" in Japanese ("スタート") or an icon of an "I" within a diamond. Something like this: <I>
  4. When the machine finishes sending the fax. you will usually hear a short beep. If there was some sort of error in sending, you will usually hear a long beep tone (maybe five seconds long).

Required ID Documents

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