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New NTT Telephone Service
ID Requirements

Before connection of new NTT landline telephone Service identification documentation (ID) must be submitted to NTT. NTT will provide you with the FAX number or postal address.

Instructions for Sending ID Documentation

Foreigners Without Diplomatic or SOFA status

You must submit by fax or postal mail either:

  • Enlarged (300%) copies of both sides of your Alien Registration Certificate (ARC or "gaijin card"). You should copy and send the back side even if it has no entries.


  • Copies of all three of the following documents:
    1. Passport name and photo page or, if your Japan visa has a photo, then send a copy of that page instead. For the passports of most countries, 200% enlargment is best. Note: Do not send the visa page unless it has your photo on the visa. The signature page is not needed.
    2. A copy of the document which you received at the city office when you applied for your Alien Registration Certificate ('gaijin card"). It has "NOTIFICATION OF (NEW) DESIGNATED PERIOD FOR DELIVERY OF ALIEN REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE" printed in English across the top of the page. It might be stapled into your passport.
    3. A copy of a document called "gaikokujin tou-roku gem-pyou kisai-jikou shoumei-sho. In Japanese it's written as:
      illustration of Japanese text
      This is the same document used to open bank accounts in cases where the ARC has not yet been issued. It may be obtained from your city or ward office (print this page or show them the above kanji on your mobile). There is usually a small fee and it takes five or ten minutes to process.

Residents of Mie-ken, in addition to the above (ARC or 3 documents) usually must also submit a copy of a recent utility bill (gas or electric bill but not a mobile phone bill). Or, Mie-ken residents can send a copy of the page from a rental lease that shows both your name and the address where service is being requested.

Foreigners With Diplomatic or SOFA Status

  • Diplomatic: Foreigners who are in Japan with diplomatic status may submit other forms of ID such as a diplomatic ID. Or, for those with diplomatic status, a copy of the passort plus a letter from the embassy may suffice.
  • SOFA: Foreigners who are in Japan with SOFA status (both military and civilian) should send both front and back of their official ID.

For diplomatic or SOFA applicants, address on ID documentation is not required. When making copies of SOFA ID, be sure the birth date on the ID is readable. If it isn't, just write your birth date on the copy. Your SSN is unneeded and may be blacked out. Also, the branch seal on the card may be covered with unit or organization seal. Enlarge each side of ID 300% before faxing.

Note: NTT's ID policy for new phone service is not uniform nationwide so in some cases requirements may be different. You will be informed if additional documentation is needed in your case.

Instructions for Sending ID Documentation

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