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Broadband Availability Check

The first step in applying for internet access service is an Availability Check.

What do you want?

Do you want the fastest connection?
The least expensive connection?
Or something in between?

Whatever your needs are, a detailed check is necessary because the costs and the speeds that can be expected with ...

... the available services vary even from building to building on the same block.

Beware of "low-ball" prices in advertisments

Hikari (fiber optic) prices depend on the exact system installed in your building (if any). That means that if you choose Hikari, the price you will pay is determined by the system installed in your building.

Some buildings (the very largest, with hundreds of apartments) have the lowest prices and are the "Banner Prices" prices you'll see in store advertisements and around the net. In fact, most people do not actually get those prices.

If you apply for a 'low-ball" service, in some cases they'll just connect you with a higher priced service because the fine print on the application (which you might not read even if it was in English!) says something like "or best available service" meaning you've already agreed to the higher-priced service.

Researching services ...

BBapply will do the research for you. We will:

  • Contact the top providers including those with English support to see what's available in your building.
  • Calculate the distance from your building to the server in order to estimate the speed you'll get with an ADSL connection (connection speed depends on that distance).
  • List available services.
  • Show the full prices you will pay (not the "dream" prices* you "might" get as shown on other sites).
  • Provide info about optional services that are available.
  • Show campaign benefits available to new users.

Steps to Connection with BBapply

Four easy steps:

1. Request a Report

Fill out a form with your address, etc. arrow pointing right Verify email by reply
(Online forms have SSL encryption to protect private data)

2. Receive the Report

Study alternatives and make choice arrow pointing right Click "apply" button next to choice
(Report has full pricing, expected speeds, time to connection, other details to help you choose.)

3. Fill out the Application

Answer a few more questions arrow pointing right Agree to terms of service
(Desired connection day, contact info, optional services, etc.)

4. Provide the required documentation

Send copy of ID, etc., required by all providers arrow pointing right Receive connection appointment

There is no charge or obligation created by completing the request form.* We'll just send you info to assist in choosing the best service.

*In fact, we don't charge you anything for our services. We will be paid by whichever service you choose: We explain your choices, you decide and then, after we file your application, they pay us.

To learn about internet services in your area, just ...

Request an Availability Report

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