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BBapply is the online site for Locofortis, Inc. BB Shop, an authorized application agent for Japan's top broadband providers.

Since becoming one of the first internet application agents in Japan in 1998, we have specialized in arranging conections with providers that have English support. Most local providers do not have English support so we concentrate on national providers.

Our Goal

To help you get connected without getting a headache.

It's not news that internet services are complicated and it can be very difficult to wade through services and choices that are often described in jargon that is not well understood by the average person. Anyone who has been looking for a way to get connected knows this. It's a daunting task made even worse when most of the information is in a foreign language.

At BBapply, it is our goal to present the internet connection services available in Japan in a simple and direct way that is understandable to the average person who may not be familiar with a lot of the jargon used in the computer and the broadband industries.

Understandability vs. Over-Simplification

Providing information that is simple and understandable, however, puts us at risk of the inaccuracy of over-simplification. It is possible that we may omit complex details that you may consider important. In such cases we hope you understand and appreciate what we are trying to do. Our goal is to get you connected with a minimum of confusion and difficulty.

If you want extensive details about every facet of the service you are ordering, you should refer to the official web sites for the services. Their web sites have all the detail and complexity you could ever want. But if you just want to get connected without getting a headache, then we will do our best to help you.

Highest Price vs. Lowest Price

The truth is that the services and options are not simple. In most cases, you must contract with two companies to get connected. This makes explaining prices complicated and it also makes it easy for companies to make costs appear lower than they actually are by simply (and honestly!) putting only the cost of their portion of the full connection cost in the headline banners of their advertisements. When looking at advertisements and provider's web sites, you have to dig deep to find how how much it will really cost you.

The Real Cost

BBapply avoids the misleading style of putting the lowest price possible in the headline and then hiding the real cost in a complex maze of information. In order to be simple but accurate, we concentrate on the main points and when listing prices always endeavor to note the highest price scenario, not the lowest.

At BBapply, we try to make our estimates on the high end because we believe any surprises should be happy surprises.

Good Faith Effort

The descriptions of the services and the info on this web site and in our correspondence is provided in good faith as correct and accurate. However, the details of the services offered by the companies we represent are complex and constantly changing so it is thus inevitable that there may be discrepancies or periods when the info we provide is not 100% up to date.

The primary reason for any discrepancies is that the companies do not generally inform us directly when service details change. It is their expectation that applicants will refer to the service provider's own (Japanese language) web sites for detailed and accurate information. They do not expect agents such as Locofortis, Inc./BBapply to duplicate that info and hence do not notify us of changes.

The Role of BBapply

Locofortis, Inc, a U.S. corporation, is an application agent for various service providers and receives payment from those companies for each application processed. There is no charge to the applicant for the processing or support services provided by Locofortis, Inc. and the actual costs to the applicant will be the same whether the application is made through BBapply or directly to the companies.

What We Don't Do

Locofortis, Inc. is not being paid for and is not responsible for:

  1. Translating the various Internet Service Provider's web sites into English. We attempt to provide the most important info from those sites in English to help you choose the best service for you. However, those web sites are massive and constantly changing and it is beyond the scope of our capability to duplicate their information in it's entirety.
  2. On-going English technical support for customers of those companies. We do endeavor to present sufficient information about the services to enable you to both get and stay connected with a minimum of struggle and point you toward the English support provided by those companies.

Contact and Visiting Locofortis, Inc.

If you have any questions or wish to point out errors on this web site, please let us know. Our phone numbers and address are below. Or you may use our email contact page.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

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