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BBapply services are at no extra charge to you. The service providers pay us to help you apply. Your cost with BBapply is the same as if you applied directly to the providers.

Is this you?

What the ... ??

Looking for a high-speed internet provider in Japan and finding:

  • Many different ISP providers
  • Confusing services and options
  • Maze-like web sites full of jargon
  • All kinds of prices--but is everything included??
  • Discount offers seemingly too good to be true?

You have to be computer-savvy to understand it all, even when it's in English. And it's mostly in Japanese! Aaagh!!

The services available vary from building to building, even on the same street. Ask us and we'll let you know about your building!

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The BBapply Advantage

Give us your address, etc. and we'll email a custom report for your location with:.

  • Available services
    • Fiber Optic
    • ADSL
  • Actual prices
  • Speed estimates
  • Time to connection
  • Campaign benefits
  • Support info
  • English Forms
  • Plus more

Our easy-to-understand report compares the available internet services and helps you make an informed choice. Then we arrange connection at no extra cost to you.

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